Crowdcast updates
Crowdcast updates

March Updates: Video sharing and more





march (1).png


  • Video sharing: On-screen participants (hosts and guests) can now share videos directly from the browser without leaving the event or using a third-party tool. With a few simple clicks, you can stream any video from your browser to your entire audience. This feature is available in Google Chrome only. Click here to learn more →
  • We launched a new homepage! Check it out →
  • Remove everyone registered for an event by selecting Remove Participants from the Options dropdown menu. Learn more →

Improvements 🛠️

  • Have you noticed? In addition to an all-new homepage, we updated the crowdcast logo with new colors. 🎨
  • Updated timezone data for 2021.
  • Upgraded backend functionality and settings for RTMP streaming.

February Updates: Spam prevention & bug fixes






  • Channel level banning: Ban another user from joining your events. Available upon request. Reach out to

Improvements 🛠️

  • As part of our spam prevention measures, we've disabled register emails on accounts less than 5 days old.
  • Fixed a bug related to coupons within duplicated events. Coupons will no longer be copied over when duplicating an event.
  • Fixed a bug that caused longer names to be cut off at the bottom of the event screen.

November Updates: Chat scalability improvements






  • We've built a new, faster foundation for event chat. You won't notice anything different in the design, but we promise it's now faster and more scaleable for large events!

Improvements 🛠️

  • If someone tries to register for a patron-only event hosted by an account which is not on a paid subscription, the Access Denied notification explains this more clearly.
  • Fixed typos and made minor copy edits to the Settings page, Pricing page and event feedback form.
  • Improved logic for magic links (the links sent in confirmation emails that magically sign you right into crowdcast) when directing to multi-session events.
  • Improved the error message displayed when a host tries to go live with RTMP Studio, but has no remaining hours on their plan.

6 Screens on Stage





Ever wish you could add more than four people on stage? Now you can.

Effective today, Pro and Business accounts can now add up to six people on stage when going live in-browser via the Crowdcast desktop app or in iOS. If you're on a Pro or Business account, there's nothing you need to do--the upgrade is automatic. So go ahead, give it a test drive!

Available in both the iOS and desktop Crowdcast apps.

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Introducing Studio Sound





Studio Sound Screenshot

Crowdcast now has the ability to stream audio from your computer or external mics in the highest quality possible through a feature we call Studio Sound.

This is great for sharing music or if you have audio from a screenshare you want to pipe into the mic. It's also great for podcast hosts that want the highest quality sound to be recorded and shared in the broadcast.

It's off by default and can be enabled by clicking on the studio microphone icon to the right of the HD video icon.

Keep in mind normally we do audio processing on the sound to do things like echo cancellation, automatic gain control, and noise suppression. When Studio Sound is turned on, this processing is turned off and may cause echoing unless all participants are wearing headphones. Any guest who joins the stage can turn this feature on for themselves.

See more details here

Crowdcast Stands Against Racism





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Dear community,

At crowdcast, our mission has always been to bring people – all people – together in a safe space.

We stand in solidarity with the Black community. We stand against inequality, racism, and discrimination. We stand against the systemic racism and oppression prevalent in the US.

Read the letter & actions we're taking →

Reveal a Poll





Reveal a poll

You can now create polls and keep them hidden until it's really to reveal it to your audience. Try it out using the "Visible" and "Hidden" toggles on the poll.

New Status Page





Crowdcast now has a status page to keep you updated on how the platform is performing.

Visit anytime if you're wondering if there are any issues with our servers or system in general. You also have the ability to "subscribe" to just our status page updates right on that page. As you know we're all about transparency and clear communication and we hope this helps :)

Visit the new status page →

status-page thumb.png

Edge-to-Edge Screenshares





GifV Hide Minimized Video.gif

So many of you have asked if there was a way to completely remove the video thumbnails from blocking the bottom left corner of your screenshare, now there's a way. Just toggle your video off and it will hide everything, including your profile photo, from the screen.

Sometimes if you are sharing an interface for a program like photoshop it's important to be able to see some elements on the bottom left corner. In the example above we're sharing Final Cut Pro and by toggling the camera off, it tucks the profile photo off-stage.

Hope you enjoy the small but impactful update. Give us your feedback here. :)

Introducing: Clips





Have you ever had amazing moments in crowdcast that you wanted to share with the rest of the world? We certainly have, that's why we built a way to do just that.

Introducing Clips. You can now create 15 second clips of your public crowdcasts to share on places like twitter and facebook.

See how it works →