3 RTMP Studio upgrades

Our devs have been making some big changes on the backed and we're excited to share 3 upgrades to RTMP Studio:

  1. RTMP Studio now supports 1080p on both Pro and Business.
  2. We're transcoding all RTMP Studio streams to multiple bitrates to allow viewers on lower bandwidth connections to view the stream. So stream at 1080p without worrying if viewers have the bandwidth to watch.
  3. Finally, we now have instant availability of replays for RTMP Studio sessions.

We hope these updates make your livestreams on Crowdcast dramatically better. Try it out and let us know in the comments what you think. 🙌🏾

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Introducing the ConvertKit Integration


Over and over when we ask what email marketing platform Crowdcast Creators use the most common answer is ConvertKit. Today we're excited to share that we've rolled out a deep integration with ConvertKit to create unique automations with your subscribers.

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Unified social login

For new accounts moving forward, depending on what method you use to log in (email, facebook, twitter, google), if the email address for login method matches an existing email account, the logins will be unified and both be associated with the same user (you may receive a confirmation link to confirm that you own the email).

This avoids the scenario that happens sometimes when attendees:

  • Join your event with a social login (example: Twitter)
  • Come back to your event later and login with a different method (example: Facebook)
  • End up with two accounts and in some cases register twice.

Now, when the email addresses match the above scenario will result in two different logins that both access the same user account, which results in much less confusion for attendees.

Fix frozen replays

Due to our recent upgrades replays (start streaming 4x faster, thumbnails, adaptive to multiple bitrates in realtime) some replays stalled out and weren't able to process (about 1%). We fixed all these broken ones and fixed the issue moving forward.

Network error causes controls to not show up

Occasionally, if there was a network error when downloading code for the host controls then the host would not have the ability to see the controls. We fixed this by preloading the code used for host controls at the beginning of the session so this will not happen.

Analytics copy update

Update copy on the analytics popovers to be more precise about how replay analytics are calculated.

Pricing button for paid events > $1,000

The formatting of the pricing button was messed up if the event price was > 1,000. Fixed this now, keep making these expensive events!

"First Name" added to Zapier

Zapier now gets a "First Name" attribute in addition to "Name", which is the full name.

Video stuck on "Loading video stream"

For some users, when the video stream loaded the page would get stuck on "Loading video stream...". It turns out Chrome and other browsers have updated their autoplay policies and because of that if the browser did not allow us to autoplay then the stage would get stuck in the "Loading video stream..." state.

This is fixed now! If the browser doesn't let us autoplay you have have to click play yourself, but this time it will load.

Subject line custom template previews

Subject lines in custom template previews were showing as "&". This did not impact real emails that went out, only the previews. This is fixed.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Crowdcast will start publishing changelogs very soon.

Check out our other public changelogs: Buffer, Mention, Respond by Buffer, JSFiddle, Olark, Droplr, Piwik Pro, Prott, Ustream, ViralSweep, StartupThreads, Userlike, Unixstickers, Survicate, Envoy, Gmelius, CodeTree